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I joined the Manage This podcast team to talk about success and being a good human. Listen here

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Creating Cultures of Outstanding Leadership and Team Success

Open plan offices kill collaboration and creativity - Article for SmartCompany

I sat down with The Sunday Lunch Project podcast to talk about my background and to explain how I got to be a project management speaker - Podcast here

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How to fight your team's fear of failure – Article on The Enterprisers Project

8 powerful phrases of emotionally intelligent leaders – Article on The Enterprisers Project

The Schmidt List Podcast with Colin Ellis: The Lost Art of Team Building

We talk to best-selling author Colin D. Ellis, who explains the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace. Today's employees aren't blindly following anyone, regardless of their title. The manager's role is changing. We have down played EQ in the organization for far too long. We even call it a soft skill.

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