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Helping organisations to create emotionally intelligent leaders and build cultures of distinction that get the job done.

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I’ve always been a people person. Even when leading large transformation projects I prioritised my team culture over a slavish devotion to process. That, I believe, was the key to my success during more than 30 years of working in public and private sector organisations. 

As someone who has been in the position you are – building teams, buying in training, doing more with less or contemplating the many challenges and opportunities of organisational change – I know that time spent away from the business is precious and must bear fruit. That’s why I am committed to creating learning experiences – shared experiences – that not only inspire the best in your people but also give them practical insights they never had before into how they can work as a team to achieve more.

I believe in putting the development of culture in the hands of the people that own it and I facilitate the required conversations in a way that is engaging, practical and motivational.

And (this is what really makes the experience unique) it will be fun. It will raise their energy levels and equip them with a mindset that sees solutions instead of problems. 

Since stepping away from permanent roles I’ve been able to help organisations around the world to transform the way they work and create high functioning teams that deliver consistently outstanding results.

My programs are designed to have an immediate and lasting impact for clients. They reflect the rapidly changing landscape in which we now do business, draw on good practices and innovative ideas from some of the most successful organisational cultures in the world but the content and approach are completely tailored to your team, as I don't believe in 'one size fits all'.

Originally from Liverpool in the UK, I lived in New Zealand for six years and I am now based in Melbourne, Australia with my wife and two children.

This is the work that I do and I’d love to talk further about how I can inspire the people at your organisation or conference to be the best versions of themselves and set the example for others to follow.

Helping organisations to create emotionally intelligent leaders and build cultures of distinction that get the job done is what I’m about.

That's what I do – for a little bit more about my personal passions please check out Five Things