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Colin D Ellis has happy clients around the world – read their testimonials here

These are just some of the organisations I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with, or currently work with, in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

It's been a pleasure to work with the YMCA in Victoria to help them build a culture for project success.

It's been a blast working with the switched on folks at Telstra. Here's some of their thoughts about what we've been doing.


“I wanted a series of events which would act as watershed moments for my operations and project leadership teams (over 50 people) – reenergising them after a long and difficult implementation phase and also setting the tone for an upcoming equally challenging year. 
Colin was the absolutely best choice to work with us to design and then facilitate an engaging and thought-provoking off-site and then continue to support us as we embedded the commitments we made to each other. Colin brought his expertise, humour and practical approach in undertaking large scale transformations - helping the team work through their strengths and using real life examples of problems we needed to solve. He was able to build a strong connection with the team very quickly - they loved his facilitation style, the energy he brought and the fact that his lessons are grounded in solid research and, importantly, experience!
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Colin to others – he is not your usual “cookie cutter” facilitator and if you are looking for an event or series of interventions, tailored for your particular team or challenges, with real and lasting impacts on individuals and team, then Colin is your man!”
Bronwyn Clere, Head of New Growth Platforms, Telstra Health

“The scope Colin and I talked about was to provide the Business Information Technology (BIT) team with the mindset and skills that enhances team cohesion and builds future leadership capabilities. We were not at a baseline start for Colin as we already had a good BIT team culture. So the engagement with Colin had to be a shift higher than where we are now. What we achieved with Colin was far beyond our expectations. In the words of team members; "He was down to earth", "I could apply immediately what I have learnt", "Colin was great", "It was the best workshop I've been in”, "The takeaways were simple and practical". Thanks Colin for your time with us. It was an investment worth making. You entered in to our BIT 'tribe' as a stranger and leave us as a friend. A friend who has made a difference, challenging us to have a growth-mindset, a friend who is keen to see us succeed.”
Steven Pereira, Chief Information Officer at GS1 Australia

“Colin has recently been engaged by the company I work for to help us evolve our culture! He is like a breath of fresh air! Full of energy, humour, honesty, great insights and experience. He’s helping us create a vibrant team that feels good about coming to work and doing their best for the business! I can’t wait to see how our team grows over the next 12 months with his ongoing coaching and practical style!”
Jo Fisher, ICT Change and Transition Manager at ActewAGL

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin for the past 12 months, rolling out the Build our Tribe program in my role at Sigma. "Tribe" became a key means to build awareness and skills for becoming our best selves at work. It was encouraging to see team members excited about transforming their culture. In addition, working with Colin on shaping the program was a great experience. I will always have trust in a consultant when we can argue well together, test ideas and come up with a better solution for those who are participating in a program. Colin was always open to discussion and generating new ideas together. Colin is trustworthy, and committed to not only delivering a great program, but seeing great outcomes.”
Fiona Simpson, Change and organisational development specialist, Sigma, Australia

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Colin both as a colleague and most recently as a client and participant in one of his workshops. In two days, he supported the group to become a self-sufficient team, empowered to take responsibility for their working environment and to change the things that block their success. Less than 24 hours after the session, the team has regrouped and is raring to go. Colin is a talented facilitator, able to inspire a group of individuals to work together to solve problems. I'm still feeling energised and empowered, and I now have a quiver full of practical ideas to keep that feeling up every day.”
Anna Aitchison, Communications Specialist, Contact Energy

"A fantastic and knowledgeable presenter whose people, leadership, and cultural passions come across when you meet him or see Colin present. An absolute seasoned professional who obviously loves what he does: helping others achieve excellence within organisations. While able to relate to everyone and their organisational issues, he makes it fun to learn how to overcome the struggles we face today."
Lana Yakimoff, ITSM SIAM Ops Modelling, Principal Consultant ITSM Consulting Services

"Colin lead a fantastic workshop for my team on behaviours and culture related to project delivery. He challenged us in a very positive manner that has motivated the team. Highly recommended."
John Waddington, Director, Project Services at Department of Education and Training, Victoria

"It is now two weeks since Colin worked with myself and my team. We are all still buzzing! 
Colin created energy and enthusiasm which is continuing to inspire changes in the way we work. Colin is realistic, honest and knowledgeable and extremely passionate about transformation. His passion is infectious. He related to us as individuals and to our work experiences as he has been there and done that himself! I cannot recommend Colin highly enough and I am looking forward to seeing the results of the work he has inspired."
Emma Needham, Manager, Project Practice at Housing New Zealand Corporation

“During the two days of ‘How To Build a Tribe’ Colin provided some highly valuable information, techniques and guidelines around this concept. His experience, knowledge and way to approach things is different, interesting and of high value on top of being very entertaining. I would recommend him to anyone interested in creating a healthy, vibrant company culture, but also to anyone interested in improving his(her) emotional intelligence and leadership skills.”
Maël Gallon, Contact Energy, New Zealand

"Colin delivered the Conscious Leadership Program to the Program and Project Management team at the Public Transport Authority in Perth, WA. His knowledge and exceptional presentation style had the team giving a unanimous score of over 95% for content and quality. The general feedback is this is the most valuable leadership course they have ever undertaken, not bad for 21 time-served project professionals. Colin, I know we will work together in the future. Thanks for everything."
Keith Chidley MAIPM CPPE, Chapter President at Australian Institute of Project Management

“I was fortunate enough to have Colin mentor me for the first six months of managing a very large project. His tips, reminders and check-ins on project management fundamentals were second to none (as you would expect) but the investment in developing my leadership and communication skills along with the encouragement he provided me to be courageous and true to myself were invaluable. He was a great listener and generous with his time, knowledge and insight. Colin is a strong supporter of women in leadership and I thank him for the time we spent together and for his support in developing my leadership capability.”
Amanda Pearce, YMCA Victoria Project Manager

"My whole business is premised on my belief that there is nothing more important than projects that matter... so I have a lot of love for Australia’s leading thinker and author on the art and science of leading significant projects. But Colin brings much more than this expertise, he is warm, generous, charismatic (in the best sense of the word) and some one inspires me (and I don’t say that lightly). If you get the opportunity, you’d be nuts not to work with Colin."
Peter Cook, CEO and Dean of Thought Leaders Business School

"After hearing Colin speak at the CIO Summit in Melbourne I invited him to assist me in the kick-off of our project to implement SAP/B2B in Australia in 2017. The project team said it was the best workshop they had attended and that Colin was a great facilitator. I can only concur. Colin is vibrant, and delivers the message with humour. He captured his audience's attention from the outset. All in all, we achieved what I had set out to, and that was to leave the team inspired and motivated to launch into a massive year ahead to deliver a 10/10 project; with a clear vision. Thanks Colin!"
Therese Chakour-West, IT Manager at STIHL

"Colin and his Conscious Project Leadership program delivers smart, practical and easy to implement skills delivered passionately in a high energy and fun environment. I enjoyed every second and I cannot wait to take the skills learned and enthusiasm gained back with me to the office and begin applying to my own projects."
Troy Combe, Junior Project Manager, Telstra

"Our organisation was at a crossroads as it had a robust project management framework but PMs were reluctant to use it in its entirety. Colin’s focus on leadership within projects gave me the opportunity to put the process second and stimulate project managers through building on their leadership qualities and organisational culture. 

Conscious leadership and organisational cultural awareness has stimulated our project delivery and working with Colin over the last six months has had a huge impact across our delivery teams. One comment I heard recently was…’I really like these Forums now, as they focus on us rather than process’. Well done Colin, I really appreciate your ability to introduce change and reignite that fire in the belly of each of our project delivery teams!"
Mark Townshend, Manager Governance & Capability at Auckland Transport

"I have seen Colin speak at conferences and he recently facilitated a two-day workshop for the team at IAG. Colin has a really engaging style and is passionate about improving project delivery through developing better project leaders and creating awesome cultures. We had fantastic feedback from the team after the session and I would highly recommend Colin either as a speaker or facilitator and he's not a bad author either. If you are involved in project management, get his book, its great!"
Ian Clancy, Head of PMO Capability, IAG

"Country Road Group has been working with Colin through a 12 month program developing the project management and delivery skill set of our team - what we call our "Making a Difference" Program. Working with Colin has been so beneficial in building not just the project management and conscious leadership skills of our project managers, but also in driving the delivery culture we want to see in our business. 
We have included monthly sessions with project managers, monthly blogs to the team, sessions with business leaders and executives as well as specific PM101 training - all facilitated with Colin's authentic and engaging style."
Amy Stoneham, Business Transformation Manager at Country Road Group

"Colin helped transform the way YMCA Victoria does projects. His project methodology was simple to understand and easy to execute. He ensures every minor detail is captured when building a project plan. A culture building session for our project team is keeping us engaged and accountable throughout the project lifecycle and we're able to motivate our operational teams during their training sessions. 
I had the privilege of being mentored by Colin and I feel like I am a better project manager thanks to his guidance."
Ru Thomas, Finance Manager - Projects, YMCA Victoria

"Finally someone who isn't hiding behind the rhetoric of project failure, and who instead is willing to take a bold and practical approach to a problem that's been made overly complex. Colin is a true straight shooter. Even if you don't like what he says, you'll probably acknowledge that it's true, and his action orientated ideas can take even the most stubborn organisation on a journey of project improvement. The only external speaker I've invited in to talk about Project Management in three years. Kudos to you Colin."
Dominic Price, Head of R&D and Work Futurist at Atlassian

"I can't think of any executive who hasn't struggled with a project that has gone of the rails in cost, time or scope and worst still hasn't delivered the desired outcomes. Sound familiar? Help is on the way. Colin Ellis is an engaging expert who will provide valuable advice and guidance about achieving success in project management."
David Simpson, Chairman, Leadership Edge, Melbourne

"My team of program and project managers spent a day working on leadership and culture. Colin is an incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining trainer and the day was well spent discussing our approaches to working with people – a significantly under-appreciated aspect of the PM role. Everyone came away with the motivation to use some aspect of the day's discussion. I am looking forward to the next chance we have to engage Colin's services."
Brett Moffitt, Manager Projects and Programs at City of Melbourne

"Colin lifts engagement through his insights and experience. His powerful stories inspire individuals and teams to take action. Simply outstanding."
Lani Beer, National Australia Bank

'Colin was thought-provoking, witty and made a room full of CIOs all stand up and listen to the realities of the importance of leadership and culture in projects. If you want an energised speaker with passion to boot, Colin is the perfect person."
Ernest Stabek, Director/Founder SIP Management Consultants

"The team here thoroughly enjoyed Colin’s unique presentation, style and insights into leadership in project management. His blend of experience, humour and personal investment have left us with some valuable take-aways. I recommend him to any team looking to challenge and improve themselves."
John Carey, Associate Director, Project Management Office at University of Adelaide

"When it comes to projects, too many organisations throw copies of MS Project at their project teams to make their projects run more effectively. I believe you need to throw Colin Ellis at your project teams, as projects are really about people, and so is Colin. He has an inspired and passionate approach to project management, and can help your team to come together and get your next project over the line. He is a pleasure to collaborate with, and his level of thinking on project management is top shelf. Add to that a unique style and a great sense of humour that engages his audience and makes the complex simple."
Dermot Crowley, Author of Smart Work, Executive Productivity Expert

"A personable and engaging trainer. He's knowledgeable about his subject material, and able to naturally identify the 'sweet spot' for his audience between detail and general overview to ensure that his message cuts through. Looking forward to finding the opportunity to work with him again!"
Stewart MacLeod, Knowledge & Development Manager at State Trustees

"It was refreshing to have someone work on his material thoroughly and with such mastery. He made theory live and gave all participants practical tools, as well as lessons on leadership, communications and working on relationships that are all important for quality project management. He injected fun and interest in his workshop that kept us all engaged and eager to participate. His passion for excellence is inspiring. We feel we have a champion in him."
Elouise Holmes, Diabetes Australia, Victoria

"Not only is Colin an excellent example of what practicing 'conscious leadership' should be - he is also excellent at what he does. Whether that is facilitating some of the best project management training I've participated in, or driving conversations about creating better workplaces and better business outcomes, Colin has the ability to connect with anyone and add value to what they're trying to accomplish."
Renée Robson, L&OD Manager,

"I have known and worked with Colin for 10 years. In that time our business relationship has included a number of customer-supplier involvements. Colin is the consummate project management professional. He is very entertaining and informative speaker who brings humour, audience engagement, and a memorable message."
Peter Foster, Director at Results Plus Limited

'I've had the pleasure of watching Colin establish, facilitate and lead Melbourne's Project Management Hangout community over the last year. Colin is a dynamic thinker, speaker, writer and futurist - he challenges ideas, questions norms and helps shape conversations. I do know that Colin's efforts, integrity and energy are recognised through the wider, global Project Management community. His is a voice that deserves to be heard."
Tony Adams, Project Leadership - Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Mentor.

"An outstanding, genuine and personable PM trainer who brings a passion to his work not often seen. His course was consistently rated as the top course out of the Institute's full programme by attendees. I have absolutely no hesitation in strongly recommending his work."
Paul Matthews, Chief Executive at Institute of IT Professionals NZ