Colin D Ellis
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I'm bringing this energy and insight to a 12-module online program. Learn at your pace, in your space these essential emotional intelligence skills that will transform how you deliver, communicate and achieve success in your role.

Inspired by the classic Trainspotting scene I hit the alleyways of Melbourne to urge you to choose a better way to lead and deliver successfully!

Project management has not been living up to its potential because we continue to fail to invest in Leadership and Culture. Here's my take on what needs to change and why.

My view on senior managers and culture – I truly believe transformation starts with you / me / us! It's our behaviours that will drive real change. I've also blogged about this topic here and shared my 'Transformation Triangle' model. Love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment.

The awkward moment when you try to explain to your 10 year old son what you do for a living! Talking projects, planning and teams with my very own Ted. 

The Conscious Project Leadership tribe is a network of people dedicated to putting great leadership and culture at the heart of project management. We've been brought together by our recognition of project management's dismal reputation!

It's been a pleasure working with the switched on folks at Telstra. Here's some of their thoughts about what we've been doing.