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179 Queens Parade
Clifton Hill, VIC, 3068

I create and deliver speeches and capability programs that lift the project performance of individuals and organisations.

Your Tribe

Be part of a community that is transforming the way we deliver projects

The Conscious Project Leadership tribe is a community of people dedicated to putting great leadership and culture at the heart of project management. We’ve been brought together by our recognition of project management's dismal reputation! Statistics continue to show that the profession we love is letting organisations down. We’re united in doing something about this.

We believe that only when great people are allowed to create motivated environments can project management magic happen.

Our mantra is: The best projects are a result of the person that leads it or the environment they create.

We are these people.

We want to create projects that people talk about in glowing terms. We want to be leadership role models. We want to be a force for positive good in the transformation activities that our employers and clients undertake. And we want to elevate that status of our profession.

We accept we don’t have all the answers. We accept that we’re human and make mistakes. We accept that our profession has tools that could help us deliver more effectively. And we accept that our emotional intelligence is key to our success.

If you believe in these things, this is your tribe and we’d love you to join us.

The Project Management Hangout 2017

We’re now into our third year of the Project Management Hangouts. That’s two years of sharing stories, swapping ideas and developing a growth mindset. Two years of leading by example, innovating an entire profession and creating a different energy.

At the heart of the hangouts are a fantastic tribe of people across five cities in Australia and New Zealand, that want to make a difference. 2,500 people who are fed up with tired old approaches and being the scapegoat for failure.

This Conscious Project Leader tribe are a joy to be around, but like every tribe, there’s a need to continually provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t and to evolve. We’re not Sheepwalkers, we take action. We initiate new ideas to make the short time we have together even better.

We believe that relationships and connection are key to our collective success, but that if we simply keep networking in the same old way, we’re subscribing to the ways of the past, not the future. The way we work, talk and interact is evolving, so should the way we meet.

In announcing the launch of the 2017 hangouts, we are evolving in the following ways:

1. They’ll start earlier – 5.30pm is a time preferred by most when energy is still higher and parents can get home in time to see their children

2. There’ll be a longer presentation to stimulate the thinking – there was lots of feedback calling for me to talk longer (I know, I was as surprised as anyone!) and to turn the hangouts into an action learning environment

3. There’ll be greater accountability – some members want to form groups to hold each other to account in between hangouts, which I think is a fabulous idea; and

4. We're moving away from the Meetup platform as many of our members complained about the endless emails they received for events

In his fantastic book Tribes, Seth Godin said that ‘A group only needs two things to be a tribe. A shared interest and a way to communicate.’ He also said that ‘Good enough stopped being good enough a long time ago. Why not be great.’

The hangouts are dedicated to improving the project management profession and good enough is not good enough for us and never will be. Don’t waste your precious time doing anything that doesn’t make you better at what you do.

We’d love you to join us.

More details on our upcoming events in Australia and New Zealand can be found here.

I'll also be heading to the US and UK this year, so if you're keen to partner and create events that make a difference, please get in touch with us at