Colin D Ellis
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Be part of a community that is transforming the way we deliver projects

We are a tribe of emotionally intelligent people who never want to stop learning. Dedicated to putting great leadership and culture at the heart of organisational success we’re united in driving our professions forward and being catalysts for great work cultures. We get together and share ideas on how to do this in our Hangouts.

Our mantra is: The best work is a result of the person that leads it or the environment they create.

We are these people.

We want to create projects that people talk about in glowing terms. We want to be leadership role models. We want to be a force for positive good in the transformation activities that our employers and clients undertake. And we want to elevate the status of our profession - whatever it is.

We accept we don’t have all the answers. We accept that we’re human and make mistakes. We accept that our profession has tools that could help us deliver more effectively. And we accept that our emotional intelligence is key to our success.

Our get togethers, or Hangouts as we call them, are engaging, fun and the ideas shared can be put into practice immediately.

The Hangouts are:

• Forward thinking 

• Social 

• Diverse - in terms of views and membership 

• Focussed on challenging traditional views and methods 

• Embracing of new technologies and ways of communicating 

The Hangouts are not:

• Cynical 

• Negative 

• An old boys club 

• An arena for business development or job seekers 

• Fixated on the mistakes of the past 

It doesn't matter whether you have 50 years or 5 minutes experience, if you believe in these things, this is your tribe and we’d love you to join us.

We’ve done all our Hangouts for 2018 – stay tuned for 2019!