Colin D Ellis
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This is The EQ Room

Build the highly in-demand, future proof emotional intelligence skills that will transform how you build and lead teams, supercharge your work relationships and help you to be your best self everyday with this online program


Do you want to be the kind of leader people want to work for? One who gets talked about in the best kind of way! 

Do you want in-demand, transferrable skills in a time of job role and organisational uncertainty?

Do you want to excel at building teams who trust each other, do great work and set an example for the rest of the business?

Do you want to understand yourself and others better and use that knowledge to communicate consistently and effectively? 

Then you want to be emotionally intelligent.

An online emotional
intelligence program 

In this program I bring you the same emotional intelligence (EQ) insights, expertise and energy that I bring to the corporate training programs I deliver around the world.

The EQ Room is a 12-module program, worked through at your own pace, to provide anyone who builds and leads teams (or aspires to) with the emotional intelligence skills that will transform relationships and results.

These so-called soft skills CAN be learned and have never been more relevant or sought after in our ever changing workplaces.

Knowing and understanding yourself and your colleagues better means you can communicate effectively, create a culture where people do their best work and, by being the best version of yourself, enjoy what you do and what you achieve. 


Hear from my public course participants about what they gained from investing in their emotional intelligence.