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Colin D Ellis delivers outstanding keynote speeches at conferences and corporate events around the world. Colin's accessible and humorous delivery is combined with practical content and 30 years of real experience in delivering projects, building teams and being an emotionally intelligent leader. Cisco Live top rated speaker. 

Elevate your event with a truly inspiring speaker

If you want a boring, monotonous, run of the mill speaker, I’m not your guy. In fact, one of the reasons I took the decision to work for myself was to be the very antithesis of this. Your audience want to reflect on the way they do things, to gather new knowledge on how they can improve and to be entertained. All at the same time! If that’s an experience you’re looking to deliver, I’m your guy.

I inject energy. I tell stories. I make people laugh out loud and I inspire those in attendance to be the very best version of themselves. I back up the entertainment with statistics, case studies and real life experiences to shine a light on what works well and create an awareness of what needs to change.

While successful projects and transformation are at the heart of what I do, my keynotes and presentations also reflect the times we live in now, the behaviours we need to demonstrate and the challenges we face today and in the future.

I breakdown what it means to be emotionally intelligent and how leadership is a choice to be different.

I talk about what it takes to build incredible cultures and why they’re critical in getting things done.

There'll be laughs, inspiration and perspiration! I’m not standard, I don’t do standard and your event should never be standard!

If you'd like to engage me to speak a your conference or corporate event please contact my business manager Jodie at

Here's what some of my clients and event attendees have to say: 

"Colin recently delivered an outstanding contribution to our annual sales conference. A stand-out speaker from the many conferences I have been involved with over the years, Colin managed to effortlessly engage, challenge, amuse and motivate. His research and preparation were fantastic and his own inimitable style of communication along with his great sense of humour were extremely well received. Colin was up on stage for 2 hours straight and had the group captivated throughout. Highly recommended."

"A big thanks to Colin for his sensational speech at our annual conference. He has an outstanding way of delivering a powerful and engaging message through strong research, thought provoking delivery and good old English humour!"

“Colin is easily the best speaker I have ever seen. His unwavering energy, encyclopedic knowledge of business culture and razor sharp wit create a force that is unmatched. His ability to balance thought leading knowledge with humour allow his field tested gems of information stick with you long beyond the day of the conference - not an easy feat!”

“Colin, you were a joy to work with and delivered an incredible session to our members. Your session received incredible feedback and attendance (12,331 live!) and absolutely contributed to the overall success of the conference.” 

"Wow, Wow and Wow! Colin delivered a truly motivating, real and thought provoking talk forBankwest on the importance EQ and the role of the PM in building successful teams. I don't believe we have ever had a speaker who has had such a profound effect on colleagues, the energy he ignited on the day continues more than a week later, with many colleagues still referencing his words."

"At last, a passionate and energised project management speaker who talks without jargon, tells it like it is and inspires too!"

"Colin will compel you to think about project management in an entirely different way. With a little bit of his magic sprinkled on your team, you are bound to unleash some creative genius and a whole new way to deliver together."

"Colin engaged the audience like no other speaker we’ve had before. His talk was interactive, funny and generated discussion about what people could change about themselves the very next day. That, is the mark of a great speaker."

"Wow! Colin was one of the most motivating, genuine speakers we have had to our organisation in a long time. Thank you Colin!"

"In a different league! Outstanding presentations – highly visual, engaging and inspiring."

"Colin has a unique, thought-provoking and extremely hilarious approach to getting the audience to understand that the most important journey people must take is the 18 inches between their heads and their hearts. I am confident that his message will transform the project management world and lift project teams to a new height of emotional and spiritual well-being."

"Colin presented with so much energy, enthusiasm and passion it made the whole room take notice. He spoke about issues that everyone can relate to with real world examples."

"Colin's highly amusing but very effective delivery style is a cross between Robin Williams and John Cleese. No one is likely to go to sleep!"

"Colin is the most entertaining and clarifying speaker on culture and projects I have ever seen. He cuts through all the fluff and gets straight to the heart of will make a team successful. All project team members, especially senior managers and sponsors, should line up to hear his story."

"Colin is exceptionally passionate about the project management profession and he is changing the world one presentation at a time. He brings a sense of humour to help demonstrate his insights and leaves you with a lasting impression."

"I had the pleasure of attending Colin’s talk at Cisco Live Melbourne 2017. Colin delivered an engaging and motivational talk on what would ordinarily be the dry topic of project management. His energetic delivery held the attention of the audience with loads of real world examples. His views and experiences were freely given, offering an array of common sense approaches and strategies in delivering great projects. Highly recommended."


"Colin is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about project management. From the moment he starts talking you are a non-stop, high energy, powerful and thought provoking journey about Project Management: what's not working and more importantly how to fix it."

"Colin was a guest speaker at HPE's Virtual PPM Event (PM Con 2017). He was most engaging with his global audience (around 3,000 registrations) throughout the entire session, despite the virtual nature of the event. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation as it gave some great insights, some real-life examples and the content focused really well on the leadership side of project management."

"Colin is an energetic and engaging speaker - his material is supported with all the hard facts but littered with humour too. His messages were music to my ears."

"I had the immense pleasure of seeing the vibrant, energetic, and dynamic Colin D Ellis present at Convergence 2017. Colin engaged the audience right from the minute he stepped on the stage, delighting us with humour whilst at the same time challenging our thinking. I can't wait for the next opportunity to attend one of Colin's workshops or presentations."

"Colin was exceptional – sharing with us his experience, tips and tricks during the event. If you see the name Colin D Ellis in any event I recommend you attend!"

"The Australian Institute of Management ACT were privileged to have Colin speak to our members and guests on the impact of culture and leadership on successful project delivery. Colin is an engaging speaker who is professional and a pleasure to deal with. Feedback from attendees was extremely positive."

"A true straight shooter. Even if you don't like what he says, you'll probably acknowledge that it's true, and his action orientated ideas can take even the most stubborn organisation on a journey of project improvement."

"With an engaging style and passion for developing project leaders and creating awesome cultures, we had fantastic feedback from our team after a session with Colin. Highly recommended as a speaker or facilitator."

“Colin lifts engagement through his insights and experience. His powerful stories inspire individuals and teams to take action. Simply outstanding.”

“Colin delivers his message with a great professional presence, charisma and passion.”

"Colin’s presentation on conscious project management was vibrant and engaging. Delivered with great humour, his message was clear, authentic and memorable."

"Highly recommended as a great speaker, particularly at leadership level."

“Colin created such a buzz during his presentation that the vibration among staff continued for days. Thoroughly recommended for an energetic and entertaining key note with take aways for all project leaders.”

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