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Colin D Ellis delivers practical, engaging, enjoyable and impactful capability programs for organisations of all sectors and sizes around the world. His clients do have one thing in common - they want to build and maintain exceptional teams of high performing people who deliver outstanding products and experiences to stakeholders.

Culture Change Might Be Hard - But No-one Says It Isn’t Worth it

Organisations around the world face challenges every week that demand they continue to find better, smarter ways to do things in order to keep pace with the changing needs of their customers.

According to IDC Group’s research, global digital transformation programs are expected to cost in excess of  $2tn by 2020.  Yet software giant SAP found that whilst 84% of organisations they surveyed regarded this activity as crucial, only 3% have actually successfully completed such initiatives.

The key differentiator between those that complete these initiatives and those that don’t is working culture. And whilst culture is the sum of everyone’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and traditions, it requires commitment and role modelling from those ‘at the top’ of the hierarchical tree.

Organisations with poor engagement scores, high attrition and absenteeism rates, who consistently miss deadlines and targets, don’t have people at the top who behave consistently well and create an environment in which employees can do their very best work.

All the statements around ‘going agile’ and commitments of spend on new ways of working will ring hollow without a commitment of time, money and company-wide effort to redefine the ‘ways things get done around here’.

I work with organisations that are serious about changing their culture to give them the best chance of success. Whether it’s retaining great people, becoming more creative or just creating something they can brag about at conferences, I support the business of definition and evolution of working practices.

And the outcomes are there for all to see. The benefits of redefining your culture include:

  • Improved productivity

  • Improved engagement

  • Creating a ‘fit for all’ future-proofed environment

  • Employees that have courage and resilience to challenge cultural norms

  • More services delivered in line with customer expectations

  • More projects delivered to the customer’s satisfaction

  • Reduction in single points of failure

  • Increased accountability of those in leadership positions

  • An engaged and supportive team that understands and pursues continuous improvement

  • Improved interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills

  • Building future leadership capability – the ultimate legacy.

Whether it’s year-long cultural evolution programs or simply getting people ‘agile-ready’ my experience programs provide motivation, inspiration, practical tips and a healthy dose of humour to redefine the way you get things done. I research all the great cultures around the world so that you don’t have to, and continually evolve what I do to make sure you’re at the forefront of culture innovation.

I’m up for the challenge, are you?



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