Colin D Ellis
Leadership | Culture | Success

A bespoke program for aspirational leaders

To get you to the top of your profession and keep you there

The buck stops with you – as the team leader, CEO, CIO, HR Director... you are constantly in the spotlight and under scrutiny. It can be exhausting but it’s also the best opportunity you’ll ever have to create a brilliant legacy for your career, organisation and team.

When you engage me as you mentor you will not only have a valuable sounding board for the decisions and direction you will take in your leadership, but also someone who can help you be the best version of yourself in all facets of your life.

We’ll achieve this through in-depth conversation and reflection, personality profiling, unpacking your current challenges and designing strategies to support you as you navigate them. Based on your personality, interests and opportunities for self-improvement I’ll also provide a personalised reading list and a book for you to read after each mentoring session.

I have 25 years of corporate delivery experience, including building and leading teams in three different countries, delivering multi-million dollar projects and running training and facilitation programs.  The experiences that I’ve had have helped make me the person I am today and I now have a global practice implementing successful project management and leadership cultures. I am continually looking for opportunities to establish innovative ideas and put strong people skills and customer confidence back into the workplace.

I’m not wedded or fixed to particular ideas or approaches and continually challenge myself by reading up on the latest trends and business improvements. I realise that a mentoring program is an investment for you and I ensure we take the time to understand the value you expect from this investment at the start of the program.

Throughout my working life I’ve had mentors to help guide me and influence my actions. I’d love to share your journey.

Who is this mentoring for:

  • Leaders who want to create cultures of distinction

  • Leaders looking to become originators of great ideas and innovations

  • Leaders who want to find and develop the best talent

  • Leaders who want to leave a legacy of success

  • Leaders looking for their next challenge

What you can expect of me as a mentor:

  • A 12-month plan for you to improve who you are and what you do

  • Support and guidance based on my experience

  • Original and innovative ideas based on my knowledge

  • Challenge to ensure that you’re achieving all that you can

  • Opportunity to meet other inspirational people or groups; and

  • Humour to ensure that you don’t take yourself too seriously!

What I expect of you:

  • Ideas on how you would address challenges or opportunities

  • A willingness to challenge your current way of thinking

  • A determination to put into practice all that you’ve learned

  • Time put aside to read and learn; and

  • A high level of commitment to our meetings

What you get:

  • 6 x 90-minute mentoring sessions across a calendar year

  • A plan to ensure you make progress

  • An opportunity to attend networking events with me

  • A personal recommendation on completion of the program

  • Copies of books and links to articles/videos that I feel would be of interest

Where are the programs held?

I mentor face-to-face in Melbourne and use Google Hangouts/Skype for other areas of the world.

Mentoring can be an intense process, for all parties! For this reason I limit the number of mentees each year to ensure I can provide the same high level of engagement to each client. Please contact my business manager Jodie on if you would like to find out more about mentoring and availability.

This highly tailored mentoring program costs AUD$10,000 +GST.