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Culture Fix Community


We are excited to invite you to join the Culture Fix Community - we believe it’s a one of a kind network where people who want to create a great place to work will meet online (and sometimes IRL) to learn from, share and experience a cutting edge culture knowledge base and community. If you are someone who wants to be known for their culture and teamwork, results, leadership and a legacy of successful outcomes, whatever your sector and seniority, we think you’ll love the Culture Fix Community. It’s like a private social network, with many of the same features as LinkedIn or Facebook, but as a member only space we have stripped away the noise to create a safe and supportive place to gain skills and knowledge that will help you to be a leading figure in establishing and innovating successful work cultures. And just as cultures continuously evolve to stay relevant so will the content on the Culture Fix Community.

Members of the Culture Fix Community will enjoy:

  • Online training programs

  • The Culture Makers Podcast

  • Access to Colin! Via virtual events including webinars, live chats and online meetings and in real life catch-ups.

  • Useful (and exclusive) resources - downloadables and printables to help you build your culture

  • A network of peers to share experiences with and garner support from

  • A place where you can crowd source what works at work and help others with their challenges

  • Articles, research, surveys and data to help you build your culture case

  • Culture content you won’t find anywhere else - case studies, interviews, guest blogs, highlights from Colin’s speeches and more

  • Special offers and first dibs on any of Colin’s events and publications