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Reading list and links of great project leadership articles

On this page you can find links to the articles and papers that I quote from in my book, The Conscious Project Leader. Where no link is provided, it's because I've been unable to find the original source. As websites evolve, some pages may not be found and I encourage you to copy the reference into Google to find out where it's been moved to. For The Project Rots From The Head reading list please click here

FT report on values

Study on mindfulness by Association of Psychological Science

Purcell and Hutchinson

A report in the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

Lyn Crawford quote on entry level PM

Turner and Muller

Standish Group Report 1995

Research on resilience in 2009, Reeves & Allison

Gallup survey on employee appreciation

Forrester Research’s US Telecommuting Forecast

Wall Street Journal report on remote working

Cisco employee stats on telecommuting

Forbes magazine stats on 90% of start-ups failing

Tanya Drollinger Active Empathetic Listening

Key Leadership Behaviours to Advance in Project Management – Baldwin Wallace University

Hierarchy of Needs

Dunning-Kruger Effect: Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments

Centre for Creative Leadership causes for leadership failure

Australia – 87% of people leave their job because of their boss

Bureau of National Affairs in the US, $11bn is lost every year as a result of employee turnover

Gallup – 71% of employees not fully engaged 

Deloitte Millennial survey 

Fortune 100 best companies to work for 

University of Warwick survey 

2015 Standish Group report 

Deloitte found that 92% of Gen-Ys want to see organisational measures for social purpose 

Hope College and Virginia Commonwealth University study 

Globis difficult conversations survey

What's Keeping Project Managers From The C-Suite

Corporate Executive Board's Australia Key Imperatives report

Handbook of Negotiation and Culture

Cultural Differences and Cognitive Dynamics

Oxytocin – the cuddle hormone

Slack CEO on humility

Extraversion and Introversion

Workplace personality testing

Allied Workforce Mobility Survey

2015 Google Collaboration and Innovation Survey ‘Working Together Better’

Introverts vs. Extroverts: Do Office Environment Support Both? Cushman and Wakefield

Comscore survey about tablet usage

McKinsey report on emailing

Debenhams reported having to store 13.8m new emails a month

Pew Internet Project

Sloboda, and S.A. O’Neill paper ‘Emotions in Everyday Listening to Music’

Teresa Lesiuk paper ‘The effect of music listening on work performance’

Fast and loud background music disrupts reading comprehension Thompson, Schellenberg, Letnic

1997, Richard L. Oliver defined customer satisfaction as 'pleasurable fulfilment'

Measuring customer satisfaction in the context of a project-based organization – Ahola/Kujala

Teamworks survey about gossiping

Deloitte Human Capital Trends report

DFAT Acronym Free Day

BrightHR 'It Pays to Play' survey

Mary Rau Foster paper 'Humour and fun in the workplace'

In the US alone there are over 25 million meetings a day

'Software Requirements: Are They Really A Problem?' - Bell and Thayer

Agile Manifesto

US Government Accountability Office report on poorly planned projects

Gartner paper on healthcare IT systems

Gartner, Projects Need Less Complexity Not More Governance

PMI Pulse of the Profession report, 2015

Learning from Failure: Why large government policy initiatives have gone so badly wrong – Peter Shergold

'The Effects of Optimistic and Pessimistic Biasing on Software Project Status Reporting', A.P. Snow, M. Keil and L. Wallace

2011 Victorian Ombudsman investigation into ICT enabled projects