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Are you super professional or a massive let down?

Well that went quick didn’t it?! I said I’d be back on the 22nd January and here I am.

As Roger Federer said at the start of the Australian Open, ‘It's important to rest the body and mind, then to come back super professional.’ So having done that, here I am.

Of course, I could have just not written this newsletter and come back (semi-professional?) at a later date, but then I’d have broken my promise to you. And that wouldn’t have been very nice, would it?

Even if you don’t get to the end of this newsletter (although seriously, why wouldn’t you?), the fact that I bothered to do the thing that I said that I would do, will matter to most of you.

After all, how many of the people who you work with and even your friends DON’T keep their promises?

‘I’ll call you back’

‘I’ll pop by and see you later’

‘It’ll definitely be done by close of play Wednesday’

‘I’ll read your email when I get back to my desk’

Some people even add words like ‘definitely’ or ‘absolutely’ to add extra emphasis to their promise:

‘I’ll definitely be at the meeting’

‘I’ll absolutely read the paper and mark up my comments’

‘We’ll definitely have you round for dinner this weekend.’

Super professional people always keep their promises. They’ll never say they’ll do something that they won’t. They won’t allow themselves to be backed into a corner or commit to delivering something that they can’t achieve.

They’re always on top of their emails. They arrive on time to meetings. They read documents and provide qualitative feedback and they kill projects that are a pointless waste of time. If they are going to be late for any reason, you’ll get plenty of notice and they’ll offer up solutions or alternatives.

Massive let downs don’t do any of this.

They take on too much. They agree to things they know they can’t do. They ignore calls and emails. They’re late to meetings. They’re not in control of their inbox (despite sending a thousand emails a day...from meetings) and they never do the work that they say that they will, despite often having the best of intentions.

Resting your body and mind will give you the energy, focus and discipline you need to be super professional and keep your promises. Without that, you run the risk of being a massive let down. And nobody wants that.