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Just Another Blog About A Winning Sports Team

At the end of every major sports tournament and/or event the internet becomes instantly awash with blogs about the winning team and the tournament as a whole, with lessons to be learned for all. Except... they pretty much always say the same things.

So here is my humorous take on sports blogs. They tend to be formulaic in approach, find countless lessons in leadership and teamwork and identify the basic components of a winning team, namely:

  • vision
  • communication
  • hard work
  • attitude
  • planning
  • humility,
  • togetherness
  • passion
  • support
  • and a small amount of luck.

These things aren’t unique to sports, they’re inherent in every successful team in every organisation in every country in the world. You could win your own version of the World Cup today if that’s what you wanted to do.

So here we are, the end of [event name] and [winning team] were worthy winners. They were the most consistent team throughout the competition and no-one can deny them their moment in the spotlight.

They didn’t have it all their own way, however.

Early/late on (delete as appropriate) in the [event name], they were given a stern test by [team name] and had to pull together as a team to win. Losing that particular match/contest (delete as appropriate) could have changed the scenario that they found themselves in and given them a much tougher test.

The final showdown was memorable for [controversial incident(s)/moment of brilliance]. Had [incident/brilliance] not happened then the result might have been quite different and it will be talked about by the media in the weeks that follow.

At the heart of [winning team] was [captain’s name]. Whilst not always in the limelight, the leadership that they delivered was evident. They were vocal, led by example in the way they behaved and continually challenged themselves and the team to move forward. They were able to pick themselves up after [mistake/poor performance/injury] and demonstrate that they had what it took to lead the team to victory.

Winning coach/manager (delete as appropriate) [coach name] was humble in victory afterwards, crediting the players and their hard work and taking little credit themselves. “I’m extremely proud of my team,” said [coach name]. “They have worked hard throughout the [event name], not just the people that you see out there, but also all of the people that you don’t see. This team always believed that it could win [event name] and we have proved that.”

They went on to say “Huge credit to [competitors names] who made it difficult for us. We knew we had to perform at our best in order to win and they pushed us hard.”
“It has been a long/short (delete as appropriate) time since we have won [event name], so we will celebrate the moment now, before starting our preparation for [next event name].”

The emergence of [young person name] has been one of the [event name]’s highlights. They have demonstrated that they have the talent to be one of [sport]’s greats for many years to come.

[Biggest disappointment] can only reflect on a [event name] that might have been. They demonstrated flashes of what they’re capable of, but were unfortunately unable to influence the result in a way that they would have liked.

[Biggest surprise] can take heart from [event name], knowing that they not only exceeded expectations, but also generated a level of pride and passion from their supporters that hadn’t been seen for a long time/before (delete as appropriate). They will be hoping to build on that for [next event name].

The organisers of [event name] can be hugely pleased/disappointed (delete as appropriate) with its organisation. There have been many highs - [high 1], [high 2] and [high 3], but things such as [low 1] and [low 2] will need addressing for the next [event name].

And so, as the dust settles on [event name], it is time for life to return to normal, albeit briefly before [next event name] starts. Will [winning team] repeat their success or who will another team emerge to challenge them?

Congratulations to [winning team]!