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What choices will you make?

Our lives are made up of a series of choices. They define who we are, what we achieve and how we will be remembered. We make these choices every day, consciously and unconsciously and rarely stop to think whether they are the right ones or not. They are the key to being a good human, to getting through our work and to create a legacy for others. What choices are you making and what will they say about you? 

Choose to be the best human you can be

Choose to stand up for those who find it hard to stand up for themselves

Choose to be different from those around you

Choose not to conform to cultural norms

Choose to say no to things that are of low value to you

Choose to make time to self-reflect

Choose to continually ask what you could do better

Choose to celebrate the things that you’re good at

Choose to set yourself a vision and take action to achieve it

Choose to take on work that makes you uncomfortable

Choose to have a conversation when sending an email is easier

Choose shorter meetings or none at all

Choose to share something that you got wrong

Choose to make time for the opinions of others

Choose to share how you’re feeling

Choose to ignore people around you who say that something can’t be done

Choose to create something unique

Choose to inject humour to alleviate stress and anxiety

Choose to embrace others as equals

Choose to take a break when you’re not feeling yourself

Choose to ask for help when you don’t know the answer

Choose to continually self-develop to get better at what you do

Choose to create balance for work and family

Choose to make the time for relationship building

Choose to be vulnerable

Choose to block out time for work

Choose fresh air over air conditioning

Choose to be inclusive

Choose to look for better ways to do what you do

Choose to not react when it’s easier to do so

Choose to listen when you want to speak

Choose to address poor performance

Choose to praise good behaviour

Choose to invest in things that will make a difference

Choose equality of everything

Choose to be the energy when there’s none around you

Choose to seek answers to questions not yet asked

Choose to ditch unproductive work and tasks

Choose to be an inspiration to others

Choose love over hate

Choose teamwork over isolation

Choose to treat every person as a human being

Choose to stop pretending

Choose your vision and stick to it

Choose to want others to succeed

Choose to accept that others take risks that you wouldn’t

Choose to live a long and happy life and to create a lifestyle to get you there

Choose to spend your time and money expanding your appreciation of life

Choose silence over noise

Choose to share what you know

Choose empathy over sympathy

Choose productive over lazy

Choose now over tomorrow

Choose decisions over complaining.