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Are you a responsible employee?

Do you stand behind your words, actions and the quality of your work?

Are you accessible or prepared to find some time for those who need help?

Are you able to say that you don’t understand something or admit fallibility?

Can you listen first and speak second (or not at all)?

Do you respect the rights and opinions of others regardless of their sex, race or beliefs?

Do you make decisions based on ethics and values rather than self-interest and ego?

Are you able to make time to celebrate success?

Can you make people smile?

Do you create safe spaces for others to talk and work?

Is empathy something that you continually practice and strive to get better at?

Can you be kind and caring without expecting anything in return?

Are you prepared to challenge those that behave or speak inappropriately?

Do you do what you say you will?

Are you prepared to put your device away and listen to what’s being said?

Do you make time to understand your emotions and biases?

Can you roll your sleeves up and be one of the team without being asked?

Do you set boundaries and hold people to them?

Is your mindset open to the possibilities of the future rather than fixed on the past?

Do you use money and resources for the good of the organisation?

Do you invest time in building lasting relationships?

Can you execute a plan?

Do you avoid pet projects that don’t benefit the organisation?

Are you able to switch off and find 15 minutes of peace?

Do you embrace failure and ensure that mistakes aren’t repeated?

Do you give others an equal say in the culture without trying to exert influence upon it?

Do you share your knowledge so that others may benefit?

Are you a responsible employee?

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