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50 Ways You Can Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

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  1. Stand up for what you believe in

  2. Say ‘no’ to things that drain your productive time

  3. Create a plan to get the job that you’d like

  4. Learn a new skill

  5. Start some new projects by stopping some old ones

  6. Manage your emotions more

  7. Ask for more feedback

  8. Become known for your behaviours, not your skills

  9. Take time away from your screen(s)

  10. Watch less TV and read more

  11. Invest time in relationships

  12. Stop talking negatively about other people

  13. Do the things you don’t want to do as early as possible in your day

  14. Follow people whose ideas, words and actions inspire you

  15. Don’t be a product of your environment, be an example for others to follow

  16. Talk positively about the challenges that you face

  17. Listen more, speak less

  18. Learn how to be more empathetic

  19. Practice communicating in different ways

  20. Choose to be kind when it’s least expected

  21. Be tough on poor performance

  22. Get up and move every hour

  23. Change a process or habit that’s holding you back

  24. Learn how to have difficult conversations

  25. Give your mind a break

  26. Exercise more

  27. Make 90 minutes a day for your job

  28. Master the 20-minute meeting

  29. Drink more water

  30. List the things that you’re grateful for

  31. Say nice things behind people’s backs

  32. Take an interest in the interests of others

  33. Be more social with your team

  34. Share a story that’s inspired you

  35. Put more effort into planning

  36. Give up your time for charity

  37. Be more organised

  38. Celebrate the small things

  39. Give something away without wanting anything in return

  40. Fail things that aren’t working

  41. Don’t walk past poor behaviour

  42. Make the complex simple

  43. Say please and thank you

  44. Make time for new ideas and thinking

  45. Make someone smile every day

  46. Change the ‘shoulds’ and ‘can’ts’ and ‘musts’ and ‘cans’

  47. Be a good teammate

  48. Practice being empathetically honest

  49. Pick three things to work on and have the discipline to see them through

  50. Don’t wait to start the change process

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