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Project management is a service, not a process

How will we work together?’ always comes before ‘what do we need to do?’

A vision provides inspiration, but only when done well.

Values are lived, not pinned up.

Cultures need to be unique, not replicas.

Behaviours need to be agreed not tolerated.

Expectations need to be set in order for them to be managed.

Communication is a skill not a document.

Planning involves collaboration and can’t be done in isolation.

Collaboration is everyone’s responsibility, not just the leaders.

The project team is a collection of networked humans not a hierarchical diagram.

Empathy is critical not optional.

Risks require action over registration.

Budgets need to be forecasted and spent.

Issues need attention not inaction.

Innovation requires time, not funky furniture.

To be more agile you have to be less rigid in your thinking.

Dependencies require interaction, not ignorance.

Reports need to be written not avoided.

Schedules need to be updated not neglected.

Benefits need to be monitored not delivered.

Confidence is earned through honesty not deception.

People need to be led, then managed, in that order.

Generosity trumps meanness.

No-one is perfect and everybody knows this.

People respond to humour over temper.

Integrity is achieved through actions, not years of experience.

Collaboration tools are enablers, but only when everyone uses them.

Stakeholders need care and attention, not a place on a matrix.

Saying sorry demonstrates humanity not weakness.

Lessons are only learned when mistakes aren’t repeated.

Projects end when the stakeholders are happy, not before.

Projects transform organisations and create new leaders.

Continual improvement is only achieved through continual feedback.

Project management is a service not a process.

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