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Overcoming the Loneliness of Leadership

Last month I wrote about the choices to be made in order to become a leader. What I failed to mention is that at times leadership can be an extremely lonely business and you need to put some time and effort into looking after yourself in order to be your best self.

Leadership can be isolating because there are a lot of expectations resting on you. 

There are feelings about situations and other people that you can’t share.

There’s information about structures and plans that can’t be talked about.

There’ll be disagreements with others who don’t have the insights or behaviours that you do.

There’ll be habits and emotions that only you can work on.

There’ll be times when you can’t do the things you enjoy.

You have to relentlessly look for ways to improve your knowledge and skills.

It’ll be exhausting, frustrating and at times, confusing. 

But then nobody ever said that being the best version of yourself was going to be easy. In the times when you’re overcome by the loneliness of leadership it’s important to find an outlet.

For some it’s family and friends. Putting the books and thoughts down and spending time with those they love.

For some it’s exercise. Getting the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

For some it’s cooking. Taking the time to prepare something healthy and delicious.

For some it’s yoga and mindfulness. Thirty minutes of stretching out and clearing the mind.

For some it’s writing. Capturing thoughts and emotions to share or keep private. 

For some it’s music. Old stuff, new stuff, random stuff, it doesn’t matter. It lifts the mood, transports them away and resets their energy.

Leadership can be a lonely business, so find yourself some outlets, balance them with the choices you have made and enjoy every second of it. You may never get another chance.

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