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"We Want To Change Our Project Delivery Culture"


This is something I hear a lot from prospective clients and something I said myself numerous times, in my previous roles.

However, my first question is always 'how badly do you want to do it?'

Saying 'we want to be more agile,' doesn't change it, neither will a restructure. 

Refreshing the framework and templates used to support delivery may help if those using it have requested changes, but will further undermine it if they haven't. 

Sending everyone a course can be beneficial (providing it's the right course), but won't change it unless everyone commits to doing lots of things differently.

Making the office open plan and putting in a table tennis table won't change it.

Creating a culture change project is counter-intuitive and while well-meaning, won't change it.

Creating a community will change it but only if you introduce new thinking, lots of energy, action and a sense of fun. 

Creating a community will do it if the attendees hold each accountable for the changes that need to be made and report back to each other on progress.

Creating a community will do it if you give people a chance to talk about the opportunities they have and give them time to be creative about the ideas to address them.

Creating a community will do it if you make it about the individual and not the organisation. The latter will be the beneficiary if you focus on the former.

Creating a community will do it if you spend time and money to make it something that people want to be a part of.

And there's the rub.

Changing any culture is an evolutionary process that requires a financial and time commitment from everyone involved. How badly do you want to do it?

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