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Doing more with less, better project management

Whenever I meet with clients, there are usually two things they’re looking for:

  1. To do more with less
  2. Better project management

My answer is always that with the right investment and the right people with the right mindset, both are achievable. The value to the organisation is measured in an increase in engagement, a lift in productivity and an improvement on the number of projects delivered in line with stakeholder expectations. 

In short:
Doing more with less requires inspiration and motivation.

Better project management requires project managers to make the choice to be leaders and role models.

Doing more with less needs a vision that people believe in.

Better project management requires you to deliver products that match the intent of the vision and see the benefits realised.

Doing more with less means focussing on that which is needed, not that which is wanted.

Better project management needs stakeholders to be actively involved in the building of the plan and the products.

Doing more with less requires empathy, understanding and compassion.

Better project management requires that project managers serve others, not themselves.

Doing more with less means finding better ways to do things.

Better project management means planning in time to let people try new things, even if that means failing.

Doing more with less requires priorities to be clear and decisions to be quick.

Better project management requires active sponsorship and a willingness to support those delivering.

Doing more with less means stopping a project when it’s no longer viable.

Better project management requires courage and the ability to manage upwards.

Doing more with less means hiring people who will help you create the culture you want.

Better project management means praising good behaviours and performance, and actively managing the bad.

Doing more with less means creating something that everyone is proud to be part of.

Better project management requires an understanding of how to use the skills and personalities of the team to create a culture that delivers.

Doing more with less requires people to work together.

Better project management provides an environment that makes it  easy to collaborate.

Doing more with less means that rules are a guide.

Better project management tailors approaches to suit the project, not the department set up to monitor them.

Doing more with less is easier for those that value project management.

Better project management is easier for those who value people.

Doing more with less through better project management should be the goal of every organisation. What are you doing to give your people the choices and skills to achieve it?

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