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There's No Such Thing As A 'Best Practice' Project Method

The processes that work for company A will not work for company B.

The approvals that company A needs aren’t the approvals that company B needs.

The project manager in company A does different things to the project manager in company B.

The project managers in company B will manage the budget, the project managers in company A won’t.

The paperwork used to capture the project plan is different in company A and company B.

Neither company A nor company B (or company C, for that matter) does all project meetings well, regardless of what they’re called (e.g. governance, stand-up, team).

Project reporting in company A is more comprehensive than company B.

The project sponsors in company A have more on their plate than company B.

Risk management will be a problem in company A and company B.

Implementing paperwork and audit trails only adds value to company A and company B if it’s required in the first place and improves the quality of project delivery.

Auditors will find the holes in the methods of both company A and company B.

The methods that company A and company B implement today, will be out of date tomorrow.

The stakeholders don't care about methods – they just want their project delivered to their satisfaction.

‘Best practice’ will cost you money you will never see a return on.

There’s no such thing as a ‘best practice’ project method. Any method is only as good as how it’s applied by the people that use it, within the culture they work.

In the hands of inexperienced project managers a project method is avoided.

In the hands of administrators it’s a tool for procrastination.

In the hands of managers, it’s a weapon.

In the hands of team builders, it’s a tool for collaboration.

In the hands of leaders, it’s a guide for success.

In a stagnant project culture a project method is ignored.

In a pleasant project culture it’s ignored.

In a combatant project culture it’s ignored.

In a vibrant project culture it’s essential.

Stop searching for ‘best practice’ project methods and start investing in the best leaders.

They’ll display the best behaviours. They’ll create the best cultures. They’ll encourage others to be like them and deliver the best projects. The stakeholders will be happy all the time and the organisation will consistently evolve.

The only thing that should be best about your projects is your people. Take care of that and the methods will take care of themselves.

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