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About me


I believe it’s time for organisations to accept that the world has changed and that the people that lead projects and our approach to delivering them, needs to change too.

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With 20 years' project management and leadership experience, I have risen through the ranks from project manager to heading up project departments in large corporates and government departments in the UK, NZ and Australia. The relationships and cultures I've built are testament to the learning, listening and improving I've done throughout my career to achieve outstanding results.

I deliver speeches, training courses and mentoring programs that live long in the memory. I work with corporates of all sizes, agencies, senior leaders and individuals looking to make a difference to their organisations and their teams.

If you're looking to lift your organisation, department, program or project, create the next generation of emotionally intelligent leaders and a culture that everyone is proud to be part of, then I can help. 

That's what I do – this is a little bit about who I am:

  1. My favourite book is On The Road by Jack Kerouac

  2. I hold the door open for everyone (and have frequently been mistaken for a doorman)

  3. I own 27 ties and 19 pocket squares and enjoy wearing them all (but not at once)

  4. I always sit in the front of taxis and talk to the driver

  5. I still use my record player

  6. I love a game of hallway football but always lose 10-9 to the kids. Always

  7. My signature scent is Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

  8. Nothing says 'thank you' like a bottle of Islay (pronounced I-la) single malt whisky #justsayin

  9. My guilty pleasures are karaoke and Vince Vaughan movies

  10. I write with a fountain pen

  11. I'm a public transport user - but I'll never run for a train

  12. I love listening to music - you can hear my current favourite tracks here

  13. I'm not superstitious


Jodie Reynoldson recently joined the team as our business manager. Jodie is a qualified and highly experienced psychologist, a keen hiker and a dedicated mum to two bright and beautiful daughters. She appreciates good coffee and donuts. Jodie has the best attention to detail of anyone we know and keeps everything running smoothly, manages the diary and looks after clients. You can contact Jodie on




Content manager Jules Smith is a business journalist and editor and mum to two amazing children. She looks after all things content and PR including my website, books, blogs, newsletters and social media. She has her own book editing business (at and also dabbles in photography, marketing and design. Jules can be contacted at and should you find any broken links or have any problems with the site she's the person to tell.