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13 things about me

13 Things About Me


1. I hold the door open for everyone (and have frequently been mistaken for a doorman)

2. I own 29 ties and 23 pocket squares and enjoy wearing them all (but not at once)

3. I always sit in the front of taxis and talk to the driver

4. I still use my record player

5. My favourite book is On The Road by Jack Kerouac

6. I love a game of hallway football but always lose 10-9 to the kids. Always

7. My signature scent is Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

8. Nothing says 'thank you' like a bottle of Islay (pronounced I-la) single malt whisky #justsayin

9. My guilty pleasures are karaoke and Vince Vaughan movies

10. I write with a fountain pen

11. I'm a public transport user - but I'll never run for a train

12. I love listening to music - you can hear my current favourite tracks here

13. I'm not superstitious